Going Batty at the Arizona Sonara Desert Museum

The Sonaran Desert is home to 48 species of bats.  Primarily feeding on night flying insects they also eat nectar, pollen and fruit.  Every Thursday evening from June to the end of August the Arizona Sonara Desert Museum is offering you the opportunity to get closer to these misunderstood creatures.

With reduced admission during the summer and late night opening to 10 pm on Saturdays in August the museum is a great and time to visit.

On Saturday August 4 the theme will be the night skies and also bats, but for the main bat event visit on August 25 when you can see a live bat in the special International Year of the Bat night.  Various activities will take place throughout the evening.

The museum covers 21 acres, and there are almost two miles of path to cover if you want to see it all.  At this time of year it can also be very hot so make sure you take a hat and water with you if visiting during the day.  The benefit of the late Saturday night opening is that you can go at a cooler time and as well as the bats, see the bears and mountain lions who will be more active at that time..

And of course, you get the opportunity to watch a beautiful sunset, and see the amazing night Arizona night sky.

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Old Tucson Studios – Call for Actors

Old Tucsonwill be auditions male stunt performers and female musical performers on Saturday, 28th July 2012.  Male stunt performers at 9.00am, and female musical performers at 12.00pm.

It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes you can move around in, and no open toed shoes.  If you are going to enter the musical audition you should be prepared to sing a capella, or provide your own accompaniment tracks on flash drive, CD or MPE.

All candidates need to have strong acting skills.  Headshots and theatrical resumes are optional, and are accepted only in addition to the mandatory application.  You can find the form here.

Old Tucson

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Tortoises up for Adoption at Arizona Sonara Desert Museum

The Arizona Sonara Desert Museum has tortoises up for adoption at the moment – they have 30 at the museum, and another 50 waiting to come in from homes no longer able to look after them.  At least these are from responsible people – it’s illegal to just let a tortoise loose as it may spread illnesses and diseases in the wild.

So if you want a low maintenance inexpensive to keep pet, have an enclosed yard without pool or dogs get in touch  directly with the museum.

Whilst tortoises are vegetarians and fairly easy to feed, they may need additional calcium in their diet to prevent them getting metabolic bone disease.  In the wild they roam over wide areas absorbing all kinds of different plant material so get a good range of different minerals and vitamins.  A varied diet should be fed.  If you adopt a tortoise make sure you find out about its precise requirements in order to keep it happy and healthy.

If looked after properly tortoises live for around 40 years, so they really are a pet for life!

Are tortoises a good pet for children?  Tortoises are not cuddly, and do not really appreciate being picked up too much.  But they are good pets for educational purposes as children can learn what their requirements are and how necessary nutrition in to health.


Tortoises prefer to be watched, not handled

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